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Cosyreading is Looking for Submissions

Cosyreading is a platform for new, budding, amateur authors. Cosyreading welcomes submissions from writers who believe they have talent and who understand and respect the editor's role. Cosyreading supports new writers and their potential to earn a living from writing. Like the Authors Guild, Cosyreading too believes in 'fair compensation practices in the changing publishing landscape'.

If you are a pro, you are welcome to partner with us as mentors and hand-holders for those who need guidance.

Your work should preferably be based in local context with flavour that is nicely local to INDIA. It is preferred and intended to publish the material in the form of a series. Only original unpublished work is acceptable. However, you can retell others’ experiences. 

Here are the latest guidelines to authors. Please write to  for any clarifications. What you definitely need to know however, is given below:


  • Submission Guidelines:

The work must be your own. It must be written in English.

The work must be submitted as a word document free of typographical errors.

You will be paid depending on the quality of your work, judged by our editorial team.

Payment will be in the form of a onetime fee.

If you accept payment for your work, the copyright rests exclusively with Cosyreading.

All submissions must be sent to

  • Suggested Word Count:

Novels – Minimum 30000 words. Maximum 60000 words.

Short stories – Minimum 2000 words.

Poetry – Each collection must contain a minimum of 10 poems. 

(In case of fiction, please indicate approximate time and place of event. If any local nuance is used (language / way of life etc) do include a note for the editors. Privacy preferences: It is understandable if you wish to write under a pseudonym and change names from those of actual living characters. If that is the case we only request you to say so. Simple prose styles are appreciated. Contributions can also be in the form of end-of-articles fillers, humor, insights etc. This will not attract payment however. For short articles, please do not send attachments. The text may be placed in the body of your message.)

  • And the Moolah?

For novels, we can pay you anything from Rs. 500/- to Rs. 750/-

For short stories, we will pay you anything from Rs. 150/- to Rs. 300/- per story

When it comes to poetry, we are willing to pay you Rs. 250/- to Rs. 300/- per collection


  1. We ensure maximum visibility by serious online promotion.
  2. Copyright laws as applicable will be observed.
  3. It is assured that the submissions will be used only for the purpose stated herein.
  4. The editors reserve the right to accept or reject the submissions based on quality of work in terms of writing as well as human interest content. In either case a reply will be sent within 10 working days of receipt of mail from the writer.

Please send your submission(s) to or Online Submission with your name/ pen name and story title in the subject line.


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